Posted by: Betty | March 4, 2010

Leaving Town

I look forward to trips to see my Southern and Northern CA families; but there is always this moment.. (waiting for my sister-in-law to get here — she’s driving) when I just don’t want to leave home.. Paul left for work a few minutes ago and I just hated him going. He’s not coming with us on this trip. Sandi and I are headed to Southern CA where we will be picking up passengers and heading out tomorrow morning early for Livermore (Northern CA). My Great Niece is turning 9 and I have missed all of her birthday parties.. NOT this one. I’m very excited to see everyone. Scott and Lanette and Brianne; Sandra, Steve, Jakey and Josh(josh is the new baby Aunt Betty hasn’t seen yet) Paul, Michelle and Matthew; Marie, Trisha, Amber and Jimmie. This will be a great weekend, I know it.

I will just miss home, Paul, services Sunday at my new church.. I’ve been away from posting for a while.. Very busy these last several days editing photos for an engaged couple.. I called yesterday as the last photo uploaded to my gallery and was told the wedding was off. I feel really bad. They were a beautiful couple.

I have much to write about too, about Julee’s visit; Seeing Jason and Debbie too; My uncle Bill and Aunt Sylvia’s visit.. I will write more later, but I am astounded at how well my Uncle Bill and my Dad turned out. Such good men, coming from a confused childhood. I want to take a road trip with Kathie to Texas to visit them again.

I need to go now – Sandi will be here any minute and I really should make the bed. I will visit my blog friends on Lyndsey’s lap top tonight.

Jason and Julee – Julee’s like my daughter and best friend all in one.. Jason, well Jason restored my faith in people (bosses).. My absolute best boss, was my last one. I suspect they were both laughing at me….

Me on top; Aunt Syliva, Kathie and Uncle Bill; An amazing thing about My Uncle Bill (there are many amazing things….) is that he has many many mannerisms identical to my father.. They were 20 years apart; didn’t grow up with each other and didn’t see each other all that much..

Last Saturday, after my very busy Friday – I went to Michelle’s Baby Shower .. Michelle is a blog friend who I’ve actually had the pleasure of knowing in the “real world” too.. … I had to leave early though.. and those pictures are still in my camera.

Have an amazing weekend everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Betty have a great time! I miss you already.. Tell Ricky to book his flight here in Nov.. cant wait!

  2. Have a good time, Betty.

  3. Your trip sounds like it will be fun, traveling with family! See ya when you get back with photos..

  4. Oh I know what you mean about not wanting to go even though you’ll enjoy it. Takes me ages to get on the road sometimes : )
    I hope you have a great time though – I’m sure you will.

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