Posted by: Betty | February 25, 2010

Plans Change

1998 or 2000  Paul and Ricky

Well, Tombstone has been put off for another time. Ricky and Tabetha can’t make it out this weekend after all. So I just called and they weren’t too happy.. Shouldn’t you say good bye before hanging up? I will be checking to make sure they don’t charge my account..

Well, Paul will have to be the one who calls to re-arrange reservations.

A strange thing is happening again. Paul and I don’t smoke 25 years for Paul 5 years for me.. Katie and Adam don’t live with us anymore. No one has ever smoked in my house.  Today, as has happened in the past, I get the strong smell of cigarettes when I walk past one of the bedrooms in my house.. The windows are closed in that room and they face an empty street anyway, so I cannot figure out where the smell is coming from.  It’s happened before and goes away in a few hours.

I have to wonder if I’m going crazy. I hope not.. I’ll ponder that for a while. Maybe search the room for the reasons behind a stale cigarette?

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today



  1. Oh Betty, that’s so funny that you have a sis so close to my mom’s age & similar in looks! heheheee

    Now, about the cig smoke… Have you seen the smoke? Or just smelled it? My mind is racing about that one! Very strange, indeed!
    Just stay calm & don’t get excited, but definitely check out the room & adjoining rooms…
    Could it be that you have a ghost? When was your house built? If it is, it hasn’t hurt anyone, so don’t be scared, just ask it what it wants!
    I watch Ghost Hunters every week, I don’t know, it’s just interesting to me to think there might be spirits living among us – but keep us informed about whats going on, K?!

  2. Oh yes, plans do change you just have to go with it and make the best of it too. Look at Paul, he looks like a total outlaw or at least like the local gambler. lol

  3. the cigarette smoke smell goes on here too and nobody is smoking around here anymore. I’ll be sitting in my room and I smell it right outside on the deck by my room. I’ll go out and nothing. Check to see if hubby is sneaking one after quitting, nope.. We don’t live close enough to neighbors to have it smell this strong. But I truly enjoy it!

    It’s been over 2 months now for me.

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