Posted by: Betty | February 24, 2010

This and That

Julee and Ricky 5-09

Life’s been pretty quiet (I think?) since Christmas. Stressful moments but fairly quiet. Suddenly there are so many things; many are coming up.  This week, My uncle is coming to town from Texas; ;he told me that a while back but since I heard nothing for a while; I seemed to have forgotten. I am going to see him and this is very exciting; Julee is coming from GreenBay.  I AM going to see her while she’s here but can’t imagine how it came as a surprise this morning to hear about it on Face Book. I knew she was thinking about it; didn’t know she’d finalized plans.  Swiss cheese in my brain?

Monday we go to Tombstone. Money is tight – but the rooms at the Silver Nugget on Allen Street are only $50.00..  It’ll be fun. Ricky and Tabetha are going and so is Aunt Sandi and Uncle Jim.  My lips curled into a snarl when Paul “innocently” asked if I was dressing….. He can still fit into his old cowboy clothes.. I cannot.

Next week Aunt Sandi and I are headed off to CA. Starting in Temecula, we’re meeting Lyndsey and company and headed up Interstate 5 to Livermore. To Brianne’s Birthday Party on March 6th. This is an event I have wanted to attend for 9 years. This year I am going. I am very excited. I may be taking the red head with me.

Paul, acting oddly like a worry wart/mother hen, is insisting I have the tests on my heart the doctor ordered in November before going on this road trip. The stress thalium Sp is quite unpleasant. The chemicals they use to stress the heart .. well.. they SUCK.  Anyway, I’ll be having the pet scan and stress on Thursday just before Sandi and I head out for CA.

All my “plans” are happy plans — other than the one stress. I’m still walking sideways into walls when walking but the “virtigo” seems gone. As NO ONE likes being a passenger while I drive; I won’t be doing much driving for all these up and coming events.. I will be taking pictures though.

hm… 4:30 am.. I think I’m going to try sleeping more now.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Sorry to hear about the stress test. That does not sound like fun….but everything else you are doing does! Glad you are getting to travel so much.

  2. Wow sounds busy!

    I have a few things coming up too. My baby shower is Saturday. Jr’s birthday is the following weekend. The kids got Spring Break and then towards the end of March we’ll have a birthday party for Diego & Arielle. And then shortly after that I am due with the baby… so maybe it’ll make the time fly even faster!

  3. What a great pic!!

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