Posted by: Betty | February 19, 2010

Confessions of a middle aged Twilight Fan

Yeah – that’s Edward in Makayla’s room.. Yeah I bought her the calendar…

Sabby watching Twilight on Gran’s Computer – i tunes

When I first heard about Twilight, I thought What’s up with all the Vampire crap.. When my youngest daughter was a teenager, it was all about Ann Rice and Interview with a Vampire.  I didn’t like it. I was pretty active in my church back then but I was never overly fundamental. I just thought – Aren’t those guys bad guys? What’s with the fascination with these LIVING DEAD? This CANNOT be good..

So I was basically “against” the Whole Twilight rage. ( may have written about this before .. if so – sorry – feel free to go on to the next blog. 🙂

Lyndsey made me watch Twilight while I was down there in November… the evening be she and a friend went to see New Moon. the Midnight showing. I kind of liked it – ALTHOUGH.. What’s with the white face and dark hair being good looking?  Sabby informed me later that Edward was HOT. O.K. so I listened with Lyndsey to the audio book – New Moon # 2 in the Saga. I was hooked. I bought the audio book for book # 1 for my trip back home. I’ve read them all now and gotta say; They’re GREAT. The books speak of being better than what we are; reaching higher. For you normal folks.. The Cullens (the vampire family) don’t kill people – they uh.. drink only the blood of animals..

I’ve always been a big Dean Koontz fan – who often has a bit of fantasy in his stories and so I guess I’m a sucker for fantasy.

This last week in Bed – I’ve read all the books again.. AM I A LOSER OR WHAT!!???  Either way.. I’ve pre ordered the movie New Moon and will be with Lyndsey at the midnight showing of Eclipse on June 30th..

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today. 🙂

Edit—- I Really need to add here that my grand niece – a 21 year old college student has told me in the kindest possible way that Twilight was a romance novel for 15 year olds.. Well o.k.



  1. My cousin made me read Twilight over 2 years ago… when I was pregnant with Arielle and I have been hooked ever since. I read the first 3 one after the other. (The last one wasn’t out yet) And you bet the second the last one came out I got my hands on that one too. And I don’t read… I hate reading!

    We’ve gone opening day to see the movie. I love it. Jr had bought me twilight souvenir cups and all.

    And I agree with Sabby… Edward is HOT… but so is Jacob.

  2. Well, I haven’t read them, but mainly because vampires and such scare me. I hate to be scared. I think it stems from babysitting for my cousin one night and being young and dumb, I watched Psycho. Alone. It was months before I could take a shower when nobody else was home. It still bothers me a bit.

    I did like the movie, Interview with a Vampire, even if it was a bit creepy.

    I’ll keep an open mind about Twilight and perhaps give it a shot.

  3. WoW Betty, you & I are right on the same page. I would NEVER have thought I’d like something like Twilight…1st of all, I thought it was a teen movie/story – 2nd, I DON’T LIKE VAMPIRES!

    When Interview w/ a V came out I was into Brad Pitt (a long time ago) & my daughter wanted me to watch it & I wanted to also, but strictly because of him, I DON”T LIKE TOM CRUISE though, but I watched it – I liked Pitt’s part but the rest didn’t impress me. I do like Anne Rice though – The Witching Hour – Lasher – Taltos.

    Then comes Twilight! I thought the same as you, but my sister talked me into going to the movies to see the 1st one & I was pretty much hooked from there. We watched the 2nd one at the movies & now my sister has loaned the 1st book to me.

    That’s truly a story/movie series for ALL AGES!

  4. I’m also a Dean Koontz fan – I have a LOT of his books! Very talented story teller! I hope he never stops the Odd series… I LOVE Odd Thomas!

  5. Maybe I should try it also. My daughter read all the Harry Potters and Twilight series, and we usually like the same books. I remember watching a soap opera series in the 60’s called Dark Shadows. Remember that??? I am surprised someone hasn’t revamped that show.

  6. Nikki made me read all the Harry Potter bookds, she is desperately trying to make me read this series citing that I will really like it. As I cannot read a book if I have watched the movie I am staying away from these films but with so many blogs and facebook, when am I going to find time to read. lol Great post Betty, as older kids can enjoy those books too.

  7. Hi Betty, I may have to rethink my opinion about watching the movie, ha.

    Actually I rarely watch movies so it probably would never have entered my mind.

    I use to like Ann Rice books, I read the witching hour and loved it!

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