Posted by: Betty | February 18, 2010

Where’s the time gone? Oh yeah and Pork Chops

Well, it seems I’ve lost track of time and space in almost two weeks since I’ve blogged or visited blog friends.

SuperBowl Sunday with Marilyn after 24 years

We spent SuperBowl weekend in Southern CA. It rained buckets Saturday; I’ve never known So Cal to get 4 inches of rain in one day. It was devastating for the Fire Areas.

Anyway – On Saturday we celebrated with Paul’s friend from 23 years at work celebrated his 50th Anniversary. It was great to see this happy and devoted family. Gary has always been VERY much about his family so it was good to meet them all and to take several family photos for them as a gift.

Sunday it cleared up; and I saw my old friend Marilyn after 24 years. Her daughter was a baby when I last saw her and now she’s grown and married. What an awful waste of time.. I’m quite happy to be alive during this time… When Face book makes it possible– maybe not to watch together as our kids grow up; but I’m sure we’ll watch together and in touch as our grand kids grow up.

As for the last week; I’ve been sick again.. darn… and mostly sleeping when I can;  away from the stress or anxiety that creeps in when I try to sleep away the dizziness that WONT go away. I’m bummed because I haven’t been o.k. to drive for the week in a half so I miss my shiny new bug. So welcome to Betty’s Pity Party 🙂

BUT Paul drove last Saturday and helped out at a Photo Shoot I did for an engaged couple. They were a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to their wedding in October.

James and Letisha

Last week, Katie and Adam celebrated one year together (newborns) and Paul and I had Sabby.. Sabby with her Red hair and ‘tude.  I had a bit of energy and decided to cook dinner while Sabby watched a movie I downloaded on itunes. Pork Chops.. Sabby finished her movie and came out to visit with Gran while I made dinner.  She asked what I was making for dinner while sliding in her sock feet across the family room/kitchen. I said Pork Chops and Applesause.. Graaan, she said while sliding past my view of her, they better not be dry again; if they are, she continued, I’m going to eat cereal. Whaa Whaat?

See- Not dry  but I’ve cropped out my awfully dirty oven

So they came out NON dry but after taking a bite, she said hey?! What animal is this? Paul avoided her question; without thinking I answered – Pig.. Graann she said slowly because I am so stupid… “I don’t eat PIG”  Paul got her some cereal..

Thanks for taking the time to read all this.



  1. Ha…funny story about Sabby and the pork chops. Darn they weren’t even dry and she still ate the cereal. They look pretty tasty looking at the photo. Someday, she may love them. Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. I sure hope brighter days are ahead for you!

  2. Haven’t realized it’s been so long. I just updated today too… like 4 posts haha!

    And that pork chop story made me crack up!

  3. hahah Sabby doesn’t eat pig! Funny story.

    Sorry to hear you were feeling so awful! Are things better?

    Enjoyed reading you.

  4. LOL about the chops. Such darling little tyrants, grandchildren : )
    I’m sorry you’ve been unwell – hope you’re a lot better now.

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