Posted by: Betty | February 1, 2010

It must be the Beetle… Streaming

Photograph of Arizona State Parks Board Meeting, January 15, 2010

This photo was taken a little while ago NOT by ME.. At a meeting where closing the parks was announced.

I think it’s the Shiny new yellow Beetle in our driveway.

Paul went this morning to a protest rally in Phoenix with his sister Aunt Sandi. Here’s the deal. The budget in AZ is pretty bad – NOT as bad as CA but never the less… bad. So they’ve decided in “their” wisdom  is to close many  of our REVENUE PRODUCING State Parks … The delio is this.. Years ago our Parks were told they had to be self supporting (I’d guess you’d say) so they are.. They charge fees. The state budget to keeps our parks operating is 9,000,000. per year…. They bring in revenue of $290,000,000.00  in fees and other revenue sources to the state (so the protest leaders said)… Isn’t that just government in it’s finest form??????  Close the stuff that is bringing in money….

The other thing they’ve done during this recession which IS quite vital to me… They’ve also closed several of the rest stops between my home and CA which is NOT o.k. by me..  At ALL.

So Sandi and Jim drove South  from Camp Verdi this morning and Paul drove East into Phoenix where they met up , and had signs at a rally protesting these closures.  I wasn’t feeling up to a protest rally today so I called out sick.. It’s a shame too because Paul didn’t get any pictures.   Aunt Sandi did took only a few.

And in my shiny new Yellow Beetle, I’m NOT too tired to do the food shopping! Even loading and unloading the groceries.. Something I haven’t really been able to do in years.. I DID today! 🙂

And the Music…. Since all six of my “CD changers” are filled with my Music, my trip to the store today was not only expensive  but a trip back in time. I will admit to having once  been a John Denver Fan… back in the day.. Two songs in particular. Rhymes and Reasons and Prayers Poems and Promises.. I heard Prayers Poems and Promises today between my stop at Walmart and the Postal net.. Songs,  like perfumes take me back to that place and time and I smiled in my shiny new beetle when I heard that song… Smiled through my tears..

Over 40 years ago  we met Bob S . He was a good friend of Peggy’s Boyfriend, R.  Bob was the guy  who when his parents didn’t like you? He TOLD YOU THAT.. Bob was out there and I liked him in spite of myself.  When R was killed in an auto accident the summer of 68, I remember Bob holding Peggy while she shed tears I thought would never end. I remember him with Kathie (my twin sister.. They dated for years… Until “once when they turned away for a minute, they found their true live’s love” (bob’s words – or Kathie’s???  ).. I remember him laughing out loud . He was aHUGE fan of  John Denver..  He was going to sing at my wedding but called off when it was too late for me to find someone else so I didn’t invite him to my wedding.. He thanked me later… for the invitation.and I had to laugh.. You just couldn’t stay mad at Bob.  And he didn’t stay mad at you. Bob did many things in his life.. He  was even mayor of a small town. He and Kathie stayed “sort of in touch”   He died over 4 years ago of cancer. So while I drove home from the Postal store, I replayed Poems Prayers and Promises for Bob S.

Kathie  & Bob – Sr Prom May 1970

I just love i tunes…Don’t you?

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. I did notice the rest stop closures on my way to California. Coming back I didn’t even notice when we pass the Arizona border, that’s how quiet things were there. Politicinas they just don’t get it, but don’t take money out of their pocket.

  2. I doubt I will ever understand why those things get decided upon. They make no sense to me and I wish I knew why they make sense to the ones who suggest them and try and implement them. Great memories you had of earlier times, with the music bringing them all back. I do that many times myself. Sometimes I feel like I have lived many lives.

  3. So interesting reading about the parks and I had no idea they had closed rest stops along the 10 I’m assuming, wow.

    Loved reading your memories of Bob, your music, etc.

  4. I do’t understand – what are they going to do with the parks? Sell them for development? I can’t see any other reason to give up the revenue if they make that much money?
    Closing the rest stops sounds daft to me. We haven’t got such big distances to cover in the UK but the rest stops are vital to give drivers a break. Madness to cut them out. People are dangerous enough on the roads as it is without having even less chances to take a break.

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