Posted by: Betty | January 27, 2010

What’s old that’s new?!

Paul and I have been looking for ways to cut back.. Cell Phone Plans; Electric bills etc.. One way was to cut out our car payment… I drove a Commander (sits 7) for a few years..

The Beetle was always my favorite car I had this red one and later   

then a blue one.. I “grew” out of my bugs but always wished I’d kept them. Once I almost talked Paul into buying a used convertible Bug – back in the 80’s..

Three years ago I wanted a Bug – but after traveling with my three oldest Grand daughters in the back seat from CA to AZ, I thought.. I KNOW.. a car with three Seats! Thus the Commander..

We cut out Car Payments this week, and am I EVER HAPPY..

Can’t wait to get this baby out on the 10 with the Stones, Moody Blues or ELO playing at the top of their lungs!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. I love the Bug. It’s so cheerful.

  2. Beep beep. How cool is that Betty. Congrats. I know the feeling, need to cut on my bills too, my deficit for January was just over $1100.00, it will get bumpy butI will figure it out. Think a bumpy road would be nicer to travel on a cool looking bug like that? Nah, I’ll keep my stang. lol

  3. Ohh cool yellow car! I got the visual of you racing down the freeway with your music blaring. Does it have a sun roof? YOu can throw your arms up and salute the sun.

    • No No Sun Roof Sandy – 😦 but I can salute the sun from the dash board

  4. Oh that sounds fun (the bug) and you get to save as well – can’t be bad 🙂

  5. Well, this time I have to check “notify me of new posts.” My reader is not letting me know when you have a new post. Love the bug and the fact you are saving money. We are trying to sort all that out also. Our money is just not stretching as far as it did a few years ago. Love the visual of you listening to your favorite music going down 10. I do remember 10 from the last time I visited there.

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