Posted by: Betty | January 19, 2010

Sophie Turns Two

Other than missing Paul and now being a little too dizzy to sit for long…I had a WONDERFUL time in CA. We beat the rain home …sort of.. in time to celebrate it here.

Sophie was a perfect Party girl and behaved really well – an 8 on the two year old party scale of 1-10.  She was my little lady bug.

I was in the presence of my perfect 6 on Saturday and so what more can I ask for.. Maybe a Cardinal Win.. that was not to be. NEXT year.

California is my favorite place to be and I enjoyed being there. Even the church I attended and was very involved years ago looked nice. Lyndsey Victor and the kids go every time Victor doesn’t work a Sunday. St. Martha’s is a far cry from the little “starter” church I loved so long ago. It’s hugh now. Old feelings die hard and I’m never comfortable there. It was there that I learned people involved in the workings of a parish are often NOT Christian – not even close. My “mind search” continues for a place to worship and become involved continues.

A Very Special moment? Seeing an adult with two of her beautiful 6 children. Bobbie – Katie’s best friend while in grammer school.. Her mom and I were Daisy leaders together.  She’s grown to be a beautiful woman – her beauty is inside where it counts and outside.

I am not sure what I did when downloading photos earlier this today but can’t find most of them..

The rain is here today, although I’ve slept through most of it. I think sleep sleep sleep will ward off this M.S. issue I believe I’m having. Dizzy..

More photos tomorrow – when I figure out where they are. 😦

Thanks for taking he time to read my blog today



  1. I am glad you had a good time! Two is fun!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sophie!

    I hope you feel better soon, Betty.


  3. Sophie is just too cute, look at her face as she sees the gift.

    You know sometimes I don’t agree with chruch related new rules but my faith is strong and it doesn’t falter even during those times I don’t agree. I hope you find what you are searching for.

    Glad to hear you beat the rain. In the second picture the girl looks like Drew Barrymore. lol

  4. Hope you get rid of that dizziness. I can imagine how much you love to be in California with your kids and grandkids.

    I bet you are getting lots of rain. We are inthe midst of the third big storm coming in .

  5. I am just now seeing that you got back into blogging. My reader must not have been updating for me. So I have caught up on some of your posts. Bummer about the dizziness. I sure hope you are feeling better real soon!!!

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