Posted by: Betty | January 18, 2010

Headed Home

5 of my perfect 6 with Santa

Well the weekend didn’t go as well as it should have. The Cardinals lost and I was sad. Then Sunday I went to mass with LyndseyVicctor and the kids.. THAT was fun, but I realized after mass I’d missed the Viking game.. 😦  At least they won. Sophie turned two ths weekend. I can’t upload photos to Lyndsey’s lap top (where I’m at now) because they don’t have a program that uses Raw.. SO I’ve used a photo from Santa’s visit.

Sophie is two… she won’t have much to do with gran because she’s “one of the guys now”.  I had a wonderful visit with every one.  Time  I spend with family – especially when Paul comes with me are so special. This trip I saw a friend a Katie’s from 1st grade. The first time I saw Bobbi, she was a tiny thing with braids down to her waste…. kicking a goal toward the wrong goal… I met her mom Jean that day too and we became friends as well as Daisy leaders too. Face book is beyond cool. I’ve reconnected with so many friends from years ago. Now Bobbie (mommy to six now) and Katie are back in touch. Bobbie is a wonderful woman.. No longer a kid.

We’re ready to hit the road, amidst rain andpromised thunder storms.. EVERY ONE has agreed it’s best that Katie (not me) is driving.

So This is just a “checking in kind of post.  Tomorrow, I’ve been given an opportunity to help my good friend Sarah with her relief efforts for the tradgedy in Haiti.

Hope you all enjoyed the Play offs—- IF you watch them.. I’ve decided to root for the the Vikings and Sts to make itto the super bowl.. I think that can happen..

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. I hope it wan’t too wet coming back from Cali. My sister told me it was raining a lot there. Hopefuly by now you guys are home. I too am sad the Cards didn’t make it, but I say it was fun while it lasted.

  2. Hope you had a safe journey – always nice to be home : )

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