Posted by: Betty | January 13, 2010

Move Betty Move.. or Sophie will be 2!

Katie is taking me on errands today since I’m not comfortable driving right now. She is such a sweety and here I sit.. Blogging.. I NEED to get ready so she doesn’t have to wait for me.. Yeah so anyway…..

During my pity party the last couple of days I forgot I was going to CA in a few days. It was 2 years ago that I went down for the birth of my youngest Grand child.. SOPHIE..  Sophie is amazing. She’s spoken to in two languages, English from Mommy and Spanish from Daddy. She understands both languages perfectly – she’s not speaking much yet in either language which I hear is normal.

She compensates for that by using her hands a lot.. oh yeah and the volume!!. She woke me up early last week on my last visit to CA. Izzy had kept her mommy and daddy up until about 5:00am so to let them sleep I got sophie up.  She laughed  and laughed to see Gran. And chattered away while I understood nothing.  She tried to lift my camera bag which is very heavy and when I told her no no.. she smiled and used her hands to show me.. by pretending to take a picture of me.. I was so amazed at the cuteness and said Sophe? Do you want Gran to take your picture?  YEAH!!! came out very loud and clear , then she laughed and laughed again.. She throws her head back then bends over forward when she laughs.. So Gran took some pictures of Sophie..  I’ve included some more (of course) of her first two years.

Miss Pudge, Soapy Soapy…

My first Picture of Sophie — That nurse was MEAN telling me to BACK OFF. I got the picture first though.

One week later.. one sick little baby girl.

Sophie at 2 months.. with Mommy and Aunt Katie.. She didn’t like all those “head pieces” Lyndsey made her wear— anymore than I did.

See what I mean?  St. Patricks day 2008

First “food”

June 2008

With her sisters and Cousins Halloween 2008

With Mommy … Flocken Family  Christmas 2008

January 2009 She’s one here

July 2009

August 29th 2009

With Her Sisters 12-09

With Uncle Ricky – Flocken Family Christmas 09

January 1, 2010

After using her hands to tell Gran to take her picture 1-10

Sophie has pretty much taken over the Lopez homestead  … Just as she’s taken over my heart…  And it’s not just because when I tell her “SOPHIE!!! Picture with mommy and daddy!!!” she runs /hops/ dances over to mommy and daddy and her sisters, stands exactly where she’s suppose to and yanks her own pasi out of her own mouth and smiles BIG for Gran!!!

She’s tiny but mighty— you can’t hear her scream!!!!

Oh Crap  NOW I”M LATE and Katie’s calling..

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Hey blogging first and errads second. One must prioritize. It’s like you have tons of granddaughters but how many little boys are running around you? Just wondering.

  2. Aww! Arielle will be 2 in April… it goes by fast no?

    And Dad, she only had one grandson… right Betty?

  3. oh that Sophie is adorable! I love all her photos… reminds me of my Kenzie at that age with taking her “pasi” out of her mouth for photos.

    too cute. happy bithday to her.

  4. Blogging first definitely.
    I am : )
    What a lovely babe!

  5. Happy Birthday to Sophie! I love the bows. My daughter hates them. Ha. Your family is so photogenic. When I try to take a photo of our little 2 year old, I usually just get a blur.

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