Posted by: Betty | January 11, 2010

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Coach Pappys / Paul…

I’ve  missed being away from blogging these last few months.. Can I really be that “lazy”? That I don’t “bother” getting on line or to visit all the blogs that have given me so much pleasure?  It must be the depression that continues, despite my daily “meds” to lap around the edges of my soul— stabbing at my sense of well being with bouts of anxiety…

Oh well, I enjoy blogging so I will make an effort to BLOG daily— writing letters to myself. I like that since my memory seems to get worse not better. M.S. ??? or depression?  I’m going with Depression – THAT is curable.

Well, my Cardinals did it.. They won in overtime against the Packers (my other favorite team).. Ricky is I’m fairly sure not speaking to me since I turned traitor and rooted for the home team against his beloved Green Bay Packers.. Julee? Are YOU speaking to me.. Sadly, the Cardinals pulled off that winning touchdown AFTER I’d turned off the TV because I could not stand the stress one more minute.. Oh well.

It seems I did not get the 24 hour nightmare (flu)  that was at Lyndsey’s house in CA..  I think I took it there….I did however, get lots of photos and have finally finished all the editing…. Even from our trip on New Years Eve….

Bella and Makayla (gran is practicing with my new Reflector/Defuser ( a Christmas Gift from Pappys..)

Pappys worked with Makayla on Her T Ball skills (she’s playing soccer starting soon)..

Sabby – got some practice in too…

Bella was up to bat — however seemed to be in NO hurry to get to home base.. (I’ve noted that her attention span can be compared to that of a knat)

The ‘Tude

We took the girls to our New McDonalds while they were here

Coach Paul/Pappys— helping me with the Reflector/Defuser.. He loves his Magnum PI hat..

Sabby is way excited in the McDonald’s play ground

Sophie wasn’t too happy I took her sisters away for 5 days….

At the Temecula Mall

Conner had NO interest in the group photo.. preferring to climb a tree

My Madi – You’re growing TOO fast

Sophie with her Uncle Ricky at CPK at Temecula Mall

Madi and Conner at the Mall… taken by Proud Gran



  1. Great Pics Betty.. makes me miss you more and more! I am not happy w/the last play of the game but what are you going to do. All I can say is GO SAINTS! 🙂 ps i still love you…

  2. I have not been here like you have not been there. I seldom go out and just visit anymore. I still make an effort to return visits and that is this visit. LOL

    I have been sick a lot but at my age almost anything is possible. Patty does all the work now and does a good job. Thanks for your visit today.

  3. Hey I haven’t been blogging much either or even caring too. I think it ebbs at times and then comes back on strong. I enjoyed the pics and how fun to take the girls to the mall.. I always enjoy taking our little ones out.

  4. Glad to see you back at it here Betty! Great pics of the girls. I have had lots of years dealing with depression, but knock on wood…haven’t had too much trouble in the past few years. Hang in there and do whatever makes you feel good.
    Come back to my blog and look at Sawyer some more. Hahaha

  5. It could be the meds robbing you of your memory. I hope you’re feeling better soon, and hey, I’ve missed you. Welcome back.

  6. Miss your posts Betty. The pics are great and the family just too prescious for words. You are right they grow so fast don’t they. Hope your trip to California was good.

  7. Oh Betty, these are GREAT family photos & Sabby sure IS excited in McDonald’s! They’re all so cuuute!

    I’d have to blame it on depression, too – I think that must be going around right now – Just not a real happy time right now.
    Take care & ya’ll all be careful!

    Happy Happy New Year at any rate & I sure hope it gets better for you

  8. Yay! Well done those cardinals.
    And just look at all those gorgeous children 🙂
    A lovely photo gallery:)

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