Posted by: Betty | January 10, 2010

2010=== an Even Year

Bella and Makayla 1-6-2010 Playing T-Ball with Pappys

I need a diversion; Paul left for work just now and the Cardinals’ lead is evaporating.. Don’t they know I have a bad heart??!!! and Stress is bad for M.S.????? Oh Kurt Oh Larry… COME ON.. I’m a fan – a Cardinal Fan.. It’s been a lot of years since I was other than a Packer Fan.. That came from one of my best friends -Julee and my sons and of course Brett..  I stopped being a “fan” after O.J. killed his wife and I learned that “my hero” for so many years was a wife beating ass h…    Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald, each offered to re-negotiate their contracts so the team could re-sign another player.. Don’t remember all the deets.. Warner is a hot head during the game but very involved in local charities. Fitzgerald travels and works with charities. Phoenix, even though it’s a large  NO it’s a TIE>>> NO NO NO…. city, it’s like a small town compared to ALL of the LA suburbs I grew up in and raised my kids in.. I Love my teams. (turning the TV off now). There is only so much my meds can do… 😦

Turning it back on.. This is worse than watching the baseball playoffs years ago.. hiding in the hallway in Gold Canyon.. Demanding that Paul tell me what was happening.. I watch sports like that a lot.  Turning the TV off again.   I digress…

We had a wonderful New Year.. Slept through it.. I like even numbered years. They’ve always seemed better somehow. Maybe because I was born in an even year? Who knows..

I’ve traveled around a bit today visiting my blogging friends and have noticed a few people with new years resolutions.. Maybe I should make some.

Go to church this year – That would probably be a good idea

Get involved with a charity – That I’ve been thinking about for a LONG time. I favor habitat for humanity but have accepted I’m not strong enough to build houses.  I’ve decided to start working on some kind of meaningful career now that I’m medically retired.. To give my life a new purpose other than ME.. I’ll figure it out (what I’lm going to do) this week and report back.. No more “going to do that.. now it’s got to be — am going to do that.

While I know it doesn’t “count” as volunteering…I’ve taken to keeping change /bills in my car to give to the people who stand on the side of the road with signs. (My favorite so far is –“to hell with the food = Need money for beer”  I gave to him too. Not much just a few bills or a five or ten if I have it.. The off ramps where these good people stand are getting closer and closer to my house.. Shows just how bad the economy is. I’ve heard over and over how wrong it is to do what I do.. However, I’ve got a couple of reasons for continuing..

  • I was taught as a child that Jesus is in all of us so what we do to/for someone , we do to/for him.. So IS it Jesus standing on the side of the road that I would ignore?  Do I want to take that chance?  ( You know—- whatever you do to the least of my brothers….????
  • If this is a person who makes more than I do, by standing on the corner asking for money – well God bless him – that can’t be an easy way to make a living..
  • Sabby is often with me when I drive or one of my other grand babies – I’ve always told them along with their parents that That could just be Jesus standing there.. What kind of example would I set if I drove past not glancing at someone obviously in need. Or as Sabby says— You gotta help him.. he might be God..
  • It could be my LAST chance on this earth to help out another human so why  would I  pass that up that opportunity.  Plus I’d rather not have my “final review” immediately following the act of passing a needy human without so much as a glance.
  • My jobs for my life were never in a field that helped humanity one bit. IF/When a company I worked for went out of business – who was affected other than the employees? No one.  So why not do something now.
  • These people who are dirty and maybe drunk at the freeway exits.. were all once – someone’s child.. with dreams and plans and hopes.. Like my children. What if one of my kids were in this situation wouldn’t I want a stranger to help them if I couldn’t?

So I’m answering my critics here – Good family and good friends who say I’m crazy and give me stories of why I should not do this.. I am not a saint. A Saint would stop and help in a much more positive  and pro active way.

Well here we are. the game is .. a tie – and our kicker is trying a 50 yard field goal..  hail Mary full of grace….

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. I, too, often give money to those on the side of the road. I remember the many times that I was so broke that I could not afford to buy postage stamps to mail my bills. I walked to creditors and dropped my payments off in their drop boxes. I figure if my five cents is enough to give that person a moment of happiness – regardless of the source of their happiness – then I am more than happy to help. But, I have learned over the years that it is more important to look directly at that person standing on the side of the road. By ignoring them; you are ignoring their humanity.

  2. That’s a deeply thought provoking and heartening post Betty, thank you.
    Every one of your reasons sounds good and right to me.

  3. I enjoyed reading this and I do the same thing however, I think Mike thinks I’m a fool. He worked in LA for all his career and daily saw the “winos” or homeless hitting people up, and I think it soured him. I give more when I’m alone than with him but even then I sometimes make him pull some dollars out of his wallet if I don’t have any money with me.

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