Posted by: Betty | December 31, 2009


Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus

With some of the M.S. issues I’ve had over the last 10 years along with just plain not always paying attention, “Yikes” is no longer an uncommon word for me.. Typically used when I am advised or realize that I’ve said or done something pretty stupid.. Dementia is probably my worst fear in life.. Lyndsey told me recently not to worry – As I sit drooling in the corner – they’ll throw a bib on me and keep the birds away.. Yeah – whatever.

This morning I double checked the bank account on line and Yikes was definitely in order. I hate when I forget to figure out the dates properly when I schedule payments… AND Paul’s pension isn’t deposited on time?  .31????!!!!   YIKES.. 🙂

And we’re headed out tonight to see Rob before he leaves for Sacramento for 6 months and we’re bringing two of our grand daughters back for a visit. Unlike two of their cousins in CA, they’re off until the 12th.

Silly me.  There’s always a way to figure SOMETHING out.. Thanks Katie! And here’s hoping that the Teamsters haven’t screwed up so totally that they actually FORGOT??? to make the deposit?

Well I won’t worry now.. What will that give me? After all, I don’t think bouncing 20 checks is an executable offense?

Meanwhile, here are some photos from our Flocken Family Christmas Party aka our Birthday Party for Jesus.

Katie and Adam

Rob and Victor

Katie, Sabby and Adam

Makayla, Victor, Sophie Lyndsey and Izabella

Rob, Conner, Carla and Madi

The REAL Rob, Conner, Carla and Madi

Ricky & Tab

My perfect Six… Sabby, Makayla, Madi, Izzy, Sophie and Conner

My first four gifts or I should say 8 great gifts… AFTER their dad

Ricky with Tab, Rob with Carla, Katie with Adam and Lyndsey with Victor

WHO RAISED THESE KIDS ANYWAY???!!!!!  No behaving!  oh yeah.. that would be me..

Uncle Ricky with Sophie

Happy Birthday Jesus? We’ll open this one for YOU! (Reba’s song)

2009 has had it’s ups and downs (like a .31cent bank balance; but mostly ups for the Flocken Clan. All in all it hasn’t been such a bad year; I’d say it’s been a good year really.. uh other than having to let Paul know that we’re going to have a challenge or two getting down to see everyone today.. I wonder today, 32 years to the day after I met Paul, what 2010 will bring us.  I worry sometimes and I’m hopeful at others.. As long as 2010 ends with us being reasonably healthy and happy;  I’ll know it was a good year, despite whatever the economy brings us.

For me, today,  despite sadness for my friend Jose, Life is Good and my mental review of 2009 tells me that all in all it hasn’t been SUCH a bad year after all. It’s been a pretty good one.  So, I guess there’ll be no need to change the name of my Blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.  I hope you all have a most amazing 2010, filled with love, laughter, joy and hope.



  1. Happy New Year, Betty. You have a beautiful family.

    I worry about dementia, too, though I do appreciate your daughter’s promise to keep the drool and birds away. Very funny.

  2. A wonderful 2010 to you and your Betty. I hope it brings much joy (and no dementia – one of my terrors too:)

  3. Betty, no doubt you have a beautiful family. I want to thank you and your husband for your support and know that I feel blessed to have your friendship. Happy and prosperous New Year to you and all of yours. (((Hugs)))

  4. I’m glad 2009 was good for you and I hope you have a great year coming up. I really enjoyed seeing all the pics of your kids, grandkids….the whole gang. I don’t get around much on the blogs anymore, but glad I came to see what’s been going on with you. Take care Betty. Have a great New Year.

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