Posted by: Betty | December 30, 2009

I went to a Funeral Yesterday

I consider Jose and his daughter Michelle, to be good friends of mine. I missed a lot of opportunities to meet them, but finally made it to a gathering Jose invited me to in November. I met “his Chica”  that night. She was every bit as wonderful as I thought she would be from all of Jose’s writings. I left that evening hoping we’d have many more gatherings together.

Last week, without any warning, Jose’s Chica died, just days before Christmas. All her trips to the doctor last year, and I guess they missed the underlying causes for her headaches and Vertigo.

No one who reads Joe’s blog  doesn’t know how much he loves his family and especially his Chica. My heart is broken for Jose  and the family. Michelle did a wonderful slide show for the viewing Monday night. I sat there for a while and was struck by Sylvia’s gentle smile and the love flowing from her eyes to the person taking the pictures.

The Funeral was in a local Catholic Church. There were so many people there and all of them grieving for the loss. I saw how Joe comforted his two daughters and son and I saw how his daughters and son comforted him. I heard the beautiful music Jose and his family selected for Sylvia, in love.

Sylvia was a lucky woman; her life ended way too soon; but she was blessed with children, grandchildren, friends, relatives and a husband who loved and truly cherished her. I was struck by how wonderful a person she was to have had such unconditional love from her family, including her son in laws.

If you pray, please keep Joe and his family in your prayers ; if you don’t pray, please keep them in your good thoughts, as they begin their journey without this very special woman, one hour, then one day then one week at a time.

Joe,  if you should happen to read this post,,,, I know that through her life with you, Slyvia had many glimpses of heaven – in your eyes, your love, your children and your grandchildren.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today



  1. Betty I said this before and I’ll say it again. I am so happy to have you as a friend. Thank you for such beautiful tribute to Sylvia.

  2. I read about his loss on some other blogs I visit. She seemed to be such a loving woman and I’m sure he will miss her but his life has been blessed by having her.

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