Posted by: Betty | October 30, 2009

Crazy in Buckeye

2.2-2Three of my six Great Treasures.

It’s been crazy around these parts the last few weeks. I’m a little crazy I think.

I’ve been down with the flu / cold for forever and every time I think I’m feeling better, I’m back down again. I was feeling better last Monday until my trip to Greer to do a Photo Shoot on Tuesday/Wednesday. Greer was beautiful and the couple wonderful… The weather turned cold and we woke up to Snow.. Of course before that, I woke up to a major relapse which lasted through Saturday; felt a little better Sunday, did another Engagement Shoot and was down again for a good part of this week. Today, Friday, I’m feeling like I may even live.. This was a long road.

Katie and Adam are staying with us with Sabby until the middle of November, when they move into a house near us they are renting.  I’m enjoying all the people but am sure they can’t wait to get into their home. I will live my fantasy  with at least one of my children living close by and visiting and being very close to my red head.

We’ll be decorating the house to welcome Halloween tomorrow.  My youngest daughter, decorates October 1st.. I wait until the 31st.. I am a little late this year, but just haven’t been up to it.

The Weather has changed and today it’s been cold.. Most likely it’ll be warm again.. I think back to the high 80’s.. It’s been great having such cool weather while I snuggle under the covers feeling awful. 🙂

I hope all of you are doing well and are enjoying your autumn. I’ve added a few photos of our beautiful trip to Greer… My new favorite place in the world.


The Road to Lake Hawley – Near Greer AZ


Paul helping me with the shoot 🙂

IMG_0316What a beautiful view to wake up to.. Outside our Cabin in Greer

IMG_4355All Ready for Halloween.. I missed this little minx

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Wow. I hope you’re feeling better, soon.

  2. Always good to hear/read from you Betty. How nice to have the family so close. Where is Greer, looks like a nice place to visitl?

  3. Hi Betty,
    I just left a long comment and it didn’t go through. I hope you are feeling better soon so we can hear more from you and see some more of your great photos. Greer looks beautiful and so does your little red head!

  4. Very glad to hear you’ll live Betty 🙂 It’s so exhausting having those returning flu things and I hope this time it stays away.
    What a lovely place Greer looks and as always, how beautiful your family are.

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