Posted by: Betty | October 15, 2009

I’ve added another page here.


First.. Barney thinks he’s a lap dog and second.. I can’t get this picture to rotate properly..grrrr

I’ve decided – since I’m back on blog now, that I need a page to vent; comment; observe and lets be honest.. BITCH.

I hear things on radio, TV, from my husband and other sources that I have to think.. what’s up with that?!!! or in the words of my dear friend, Julee WTF..

So I’ve added a page to this blog.. Called What’s up with that. It’s up under my header.

As I mentioned in my first post to this new page.. I’ve often had a genius thought, only to have it leave my brain and memory so I’ll try to get right to the computer and impart my genius before it leaves me again.. Ah sad.. Actually I could use my swiss cheese memory as my first What’s up with that post.

Now for the great great news

Marilyn 1274This picture was taken in 1975 in my apt in Van Nuys. This is Marilyn… Back in the day.. Hopefully she is o.k. with me posting this

I am also on face book and have reconnected with old friends that I’d lost touch with over the years. Late yesterday afternoon, I thought.. MARILYN.. I can find her now I bet.. Marilyn was my best friend in high school. Together we solved most of the worlds woes in the early 1970’s. We lost touch and then found each other again in the mid 80’s. She had a beautiful baby daughter, and we saw each other a few times.. It was great – Then, the phone I had her number in.. early days of those memory thingys – died and I lost her again! I found her yesterday.. Her smile hasn’t changed ONE bit. Her daughter, who’s middle name was mine 🙂  has grown up so beautifully and her wedding looks like such a happy day.  We’ll talk again later today.

I am most happy today; despite my best efforts to be crabby and negative.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. I know what you mean about needing a place to vent (bitch)! hehehehe

    I’m off to check out that page now

  2. Hummmm! I shall check it out.

  3. You didn’t sound very crabby to me. It is neat that you found your friend after all that time. I think that is the cool thing about facebook.

  4. I’m so behind, I’ll be back to catch up, hope all is wel.

  5. Wonderful to have found an old friend. I’m very happy for you.
    And what an excellent idea to have a page for good old fashioned bitching 🙂

  6. Betty.. WTF!! lol… miss you! glad you are home safe and sound. Keep us posted on Adam.

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