Posted by: Betty | October 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Trip home from Tahoe0002

At the Auto Repair – Ted’s off the 395 – Eastern CA

Trip home from Tahoe0013

Paul and Ted – An honest guy. He charged less than the Jeep Dealership in our area would have charged.. AND He’s in the middle of no where.

Trip home from Tahoe0078

A Stop over in Murrieta and quick visit with her cousins and we were off again.

We’re home now. The weather has been really nice and our windows are open most of the day and into the evening now.  LOVING it.. We’re suppose to be in the 100’s again This weekend, but I’m still glad to be home… Here’s one of the reasons why




Katie is home now with Sabby, who’ll start school here in AZ again next week. We’ve been doing home study and I’ll post those pictures soon.  Adam is improving and will be joining Katie in the Phoenix area soon. Sabbs, other than undoing ALL of the changes Gran made in the house during her absence, is doing very well. I’m sad and worried for Katie as I hope for the best.


I’m caught up on all my photography jobs and the hours of editing involved; Carla and I are shooting a wedding at a beautiful hotel built into the side of a mountain in Tempe so we’re hoping it’ll cool off early and then we’re doing an engagement shoot together on Sunday so I’m looking forward to that. It’s fun when we do these things together.

Hope you’re all well and enjoying what must be beautiful fall weather where ever  you are.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. I hope all is getting better for everyone. Thank goodness for honest car repairmen!

    I love the photos–they really are beautiful!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the comment you left me. I was all over the place trying to locate you. Some of the links do not work right or something. Anyway, I made it this time and thought you have some really nice photos on this post.

  3. Grand pictures! What a beautiful state we live in! – better than Oregon…..San Diego….. Ok never mind – but lovely pictures!

  4. So good to hear from you. I was getting worried. I hope all goes well with the move and everything, and the photo shoot sounds really exciting. Don’t want to hear about the fab weather you are having though…Ha…we are freezing and I have to start building an ark.

  5. Betty it’s always nice to hear from you, I cetainly miss your posting daily. Welcome back!

  6. It’s always so good to be home 🙂 and to know people who are honest and can help you when things break down.
    And how lovely that you’ve got the sun. Sadly, we’re moving towards winter here and it’s raining a lot more.

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