Posted by: Betty | October 1, 2009

Stuck In Tahoe without a Truck

Dad & Ricky at Yosemitie 029

Ricky – Up on the of the boulder he’d just bouldered.. (mom MAY take back her blessing for this sport)

This week has had many challenges for all of us. Sunday morning, Katie Called.  Her boyfriend was in ICU. Unknown internal bleeding. Paul was originally headed up to Yosemite with Ricky for a camping trip and Bouldering for Ricky. I hitched a ride and got up to Tahoe to be with Katie by Monday Morning at 4:00 a.m.  Fortunately I realized while packing that “fall” clothing was more appropriate than the 106 degree clothing I had. Katie’s boyfriend is still in ICU and just yesterday members of his family have arrived to help her. Katie’s life which was finally happy and filled with Joy is suddenly crumbling around her. Paul cut his camping trip short Tuesday and came up to be with Katie and we all left yesterday to head back to So Cal to drop Ricky off and then on to AZ with Sabby in tow for a “vacation” while mommy helps A. get better.. Just into CA on 395 in Mono County; the truck stopped… We were without service there and fortunately a guardian angel in a Mono County Sherrif uniform stopped to help us. He stayed and lent us his cell phone to call Auto club. He left when we knew help was on the way. Sabby, who’s “never met a real live policeman” met her first yesterday and was told she was very pretty by the deputy sherrif. 

So we were towed to a nearby town with one auto repair shop and were told it most likely is some fuel filter pump or thing or whatever.. A MIN of 500.00 .. and a min of one day delay in getting home.  Katie, who already had her hands full, drove the two hours down to get us and then back up to Tahoe we came.. I’m sitting now at Katie’s computer watching birds talk to each other on the tree outside her window.. I’m on the 3rd floor so I’m close to the top of the tree.. I THINK these are wood peckers??

For those of you who have read my constant bitching about the heat…. NEVER MIND…

Dad & Ricky at Yosemitie 102

Sabby can pose on the side of a road outside of a broken down truck… 🙂

Good news… sort of … as this post “goes to print” we’re learning the pump is in the truck and we’ll see if it works.. 30 minutes until we find out if we can head back down the mountain and back to the welcomed heat of our AZ desert—-after a brief stopover in Southern CA.

Those of you who pray; please pray for Katie and Sabby while Katie makes her way through this muddle.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. What an awful turn of events for you all. I hope A. is better, soon.

  2. I always say life is an adventure and these are hurdles that we encounter but it’s always good to pass them and eventually to leave them behind. The stuff memories are made of. Your reward for all this was seeing and being with your kids and grandkids.

  3. Today is the 5th, so I hope everything is getting better.

  4. I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were doing, and realized your blog got booted off my sidebar by accident or blogger just did it..don’t know. So sorry to hear about Katies boyfriend and everything else going on. Keep us up to date on how he is doing. Take care Betty!

  5. Oh Betty, what a shame. I do hope Katie’s boyfriend gets better soon.

  6. Wow Betty, sure hope all turns out well all the way around. I hope you are cooler now in Arizona. We are down here!

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