Posted by: Betty | September 26, 2009

A long long time


Izzy taking calls on her 4th Birthday


Izzy’s face was “placed” into her cake..


Makayla, Izzy, & Sophie with their Uncle Ricky September 2009


Sophie… VERY strict these days 🙂


Conner, Ready for his Aunt Mindy’s wedding to his new Uncle Manny… Cars! Cars! Cars!


Madi and her Aunt Mindy.. Ready for the wedding.. (Mindy is one of my favorite people… Such an honer to be at the wedding and to help with photos)


Carla and her sister Mindy – That was not wine… (I whined)


Sabby and her ice cream cone– August in Tahoe (virginia city of course) 2009


Carla and me at a wedding we did 9/5/2009.. Damn.. I already look tired and old.. The day had just started.  And what’s with that NECK..

I’ve been gone a long time; Did a couple of weddings; signed up a couple more. (posting some pics on my photo site..

I’ve missed my blog friends and wonder how you’re all doing.  Missed a big birthday party last week.. Had a tooth pulled a couple of weeks ago and almost lost the tooth next to it.. Happily – after a couple weeks of vicadin and pain that tooth was saved.

Hang on….. sewing a button back on Paul’s pants before he leaves for work..

O.K.  The summer has been brutal and the heat is rising once again.. 106 today.. Above our averages of mid 90’s for this time of year..  I haven’t been driving this week because of dizzy spells – hopping it’s not an M.S. Thing.. Will retreat to “bed to rest” today and see how that helps.

Wah wah wah..  Over all September has been a pretty good month. Carla’s sister was married to her wonderful Manny on Paul’s birthday and we celebrated his birthday by attending their wedding.. I got to help with photos and have been editing this week. Also working on a wedding Carla and I shot over Labor day weekend. Two beautiful occasions in one week..

I’m waiting…. for cooler weather when windows can be opened and I can enjoy the cool breezes.. Probably another month.

Katie and Adam are moving back to the south.. Southern CA. Which is wonderful news. I’ve missed Sabby (and of course Katie) something awful this summer… Halloween Decorations at Walmart didn’t help.. but Katie called called to say they were coming for Halloween. I’ll miss the other five kids that day but I’m looking forward to getting out all those decorations when I feel better. Katie, Adam and Sabby will be only 4 hours away now instead of 12 so I’m very excited.. Even better, they’re considering a Condo in Lyndsey and Victors complex so that’ll be really fun..

The Coyotes are staying in Phoenix one more year at least.. So life is good…

Hope you’re all good and happy.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Loved reading your update and glad for you that Sabby will be closer. Oh the heat, how do you do it? We’ve been 100 plus for over a week, about 102 probably and hoping that tomorrow we start moving downward a little bit.

    Enjoyed seeing all the pics…and hope your MS isn’t acting up and a day of rest will help.

  2. Nice pictures! Mindy and Maddy are beautiful. Lyndsey’s babies are adorable!

  3. Betty missed you and your osts. Well at least you got some good news. The pictures are awesme.

  4. Sounds like you’ve been hoppin’ busy, but it’s good to see your post here & know you’re doing good!

  5. Hi everybody, Happy Haloween!

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