Posted by: Betty | August 16, 2009

My Friend Sandi

I have no picture today to post of Sandi; Christmas Eves spent at each other’s homes; Being Pixie Leaders together – then Daisy Leaders together.  20 years ago we were inseperable. Gina and Katie were best friends – We met one night trick or treating with our children. Katie then 3, Gina then 4 and spent many years as friends and neighbors.

Sandie faced Laronix cancer in the late 80’s. She went into surgery with the the knowledge she would never speak again normally. Miraculously, she came out of surgery cancer free and with enough laronix left to speak. Her raspy Boston aceented voice will be with me forever.  A While after her surgery, they moved up the road some 15 miles and shortly afterward, we moved 25 miles down the road. Over the coming years we lost touch.

A month ago, Gina found my daughter on facebook, looking for Katie and the rest of our family. Then followed a happy reunion. They had moved to Atlanta a few years ago, Charlie, Sandie, and both daughters, with their respective families. Sandie had two strokes last year and had some problems resulting from them. I got her number from Gina and called her. I asked her if she remembered me and was told YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND FOR YEARS!!! HOW COULD I FORGET YOU!!! Raspy Boston voice so long remembered.

This week I’ve been in Tahoe. Thursday, while we sat at the beach on Northshore; Katie got a call from Gina. Sandie had undergone surgery to replace part of her jaw, damaged by radiation some 20 years ago after her cancer.  She suffered multiple strokes during and imediately following her surgery. She had been taken off life support and had only a short time to live. Katie and I cried on the North Shore of Tahoe and remembered our times with Sandie, Charlie, Kristen and Gina.

The times Sandie was there without question as a friend. I hope I was as good a friend to Sandie.  Sandie passed away VERY early Friday Morning.

My heart is broken for Charlie, Kristen, Gina and the grand children they had. I wish I could be there for Sandie’s funeral, but she lived so far away in GA. I’m there in a way because they, including Sandie’s sister Suzie, have been in my heart and memories since Thursday. I’m sad Sandie is no longer in this world. It seems strange to think of the world without her in it. I am devasted for Charlie who was such a good husband to Sandie for over 40 years. 

I love the R. family I would like the world to know and love them as I do. I’m so happy I was blessed with that happy reunion last week when I got to talk to my good friend Sandie for what would be the last time.  To experience the joy of hearing her raspy (sexy) boston voice once more.

You were my good friend Sandie, I’ll think of you and miss you in this world for the rest of my life.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. So sorry for your loss Betty. That’s so hard to hear.

  2. I’m sorry for your loss, Betty.

  3. How wonderful you had a chance to talk with her if only for a little bit. Very sad to read this today.

  4. OMG Betty, that brought tears to my eyes – I’m sooo sorry for your loss, but I’m also soooo very happy you was able to speak to her once more! That’s great & I would imagine would make it much easier, considering the circumstances.

    My thoughts & prayers are with you & her family

  5. Hugs Betty.
    I’m so glad you got to see her again after so long.

  6. thanks Everyone. I like to think that Sandi left this world loved and cherished by her family.

  7. The fact that you got to talk to her is proof of how great your frindship is. Something out there wanted you to say goodbye before she passed to the better place she already is.

  8. How great that she was surrounded by her family the last few years of her life.

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