Posted by: Betty | August 6, 2009

First Day of School :(


Last Year – Sabby’s First day of 1st Grade

So we’re still under excessive heat warning and today is the first day of school. I sit here this morning preparing for an appointment or two today and watch as the children of Buckeye, dressed to the nine in new clothes, new shoes and equiped with new lunch pails and book bags.  We live right across the street and around the corner of the local elementary school.

The first day of school, when my kids were young, was the Tuesday after Labor Day Weekend. We took them to their first day until they protested, loudly and then as now, I’d remember the first day of school each year for me.. Who’d my teacher be? Would any of my friends be in my class? Always uncomfortably warm in new school clothes since it was still very warm in Southern CA when we’d head back to school.

Madi was very young when she declared that her mom could only drop her off at school on the first day so I missed opportunities to go with her; This will be the first year, I don’t accompany Makayla and Sabrina to their first days of school Camera in hand. We’ll be gone to Tahoe when Makayla starts and will have just left Tahoe, when Sabrina starts.  Other than being VERY HAPPY I don’t have to schlup out in this heat today; I’ve decided to take a break from meeting prep. to throw myself a pity party; as I sit here watching the anticipation and nervousness of little faces yet missing one particular Red Head who should now be bossing me around to move faster or she’ll be late.

Thanks for taking the time today to read my blog.



  1. Awww I’m sorry she isn’t there w/ you! It’s ok to have a pity party, but know when to say when.

    Hugs & Blessing,
    Bluff Area Daily

    BTW – I do the same thing missing my grand-daughter – I miss her sooo much!

  2. Ha ha about the little red head bossing you. My grand baby was telling me to “move” the other day and “walk”. She isn’t even 2 yet and she was bossing me. First day of school is always exciting and nerve wracking all in one.

  3. Awww. (((Hugs))) — 🙂

  4. girls first day is Sept 1st. Jacqueline is Baaack!

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