Posted by: Betty | July 31, 2009

Summer Heat


This year the summer heat has gotten to me. I’ve been down a lot lately and the past two days I’ve slept most of the days away. I heard on the news we’d hit a record of sorts… Second hottest July on record.. The absence of the monsoon a lot this summer has my vote as the reason it’s been so hot this July.  Brittle hot and dry.

We’ve made plans for a trip to take Katie her things (in Tahoe 🙂 ) in 10 days. I’m looking forward to cooler days and cool nights and seeing Sabby and Katie and Adam, as well as visits with our Northern CA family. I miss them.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN! 110! I’m so sorry it’s been so hot there & the Pacific Northwest, even into Canada it’s been in the 100’s, this IS AN ODD SUMMER! We’ve been very mild this & that’s unusual, except around late spring it was in the 100’s here.

    I hope there’s a break in the temps for you all!

  2. Dry and brittle does not sound good. Glad you are getting to go to a cooler place soon. We have had unusually cool and wet days and evenings here in the midwest. We usually have so much humidity it is hard to breath. Not this summer though. Odd for us.
    Thank goodness for air conditioning!

  3. It’s cool here. Send some of that heat my way. And stay hydrated!!!

  4. The heat has finally returned here. Yesterday was a 100 and our AC went out. We were lucky we got it fixed the same day.

  5. Oh Betty, that is so hot! It actually hasn’t been too bad here, although today is heating up again with high humidity but then we are going into cooler weather for awhile.

  6. UGH! I don’t miss that at all.. WE have been cool all summer, i wish we would have some warmer weather but I won’t complain.. plus we are to get in the high 80’s this weekend so maybe emilee can swim..

  7. Good heavens! I’m glad that’s farenheit!

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