Posted by: Betty | July 24, 2009

Madi turned 10!

Paul and I did a quick trip to CA  Saturday & Sunday for Madi’s 10th birthday party; Unable to wrap my brain around the fact that this little sweety is already into double digits.  Madi girl! You were my first grandchild and the joy you brought into my life can’t be described by mere words. If there were a word that equals joy square I might be able to use that word. You’re a beauty with amazing gifts and a smile that lights up the room; It’s like looking into Daddy’s eyes when he smiled at this age.

I am still working on your book – Grandmother remembers– A book  your mom and dad gave me before you were born. I think it’ll always be a work in progress because there are so many things yet to experience with  you.

I love you Madi girl!








It was wonderful spending the day with family and friends. I missed Katie Sabby and Adam but we’ll see them in August.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Amazing amount of July birthdays amongst our blogger pals.

    Madi, Happy Birthday!

  2. Loved seeing the photos… they are all so darn cute.

  3. They grow so fast, Alayna just turned four last week, so hard to believe. Hey Betty does that mean we are getting old? lol

    Happy birthday Madi. may there be many many more to come.

  4. Happy Birthday to Madi! Loved seeing the photos.

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