Posted by: Betty | July 15, 2009

I’ve been around and pretty busy

Sunday, it got up to 115 here in the Oven we all call the Phoenix Valley. I know because I spent this morning in 110 degree heat doing a photo shoot of a beautiful young family. Monday, I spent the same period of time with another beautiful couple about to be married, doing their engagement pictures. This time with Michelle – of My world.  It’s a beautiful place but I’m going to find someplace closer.. Like the Pacific Ocean for the next outdoor, in July shoot!

I’ve posted a few of The family shoot today;

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Vega Family0007Vega Family0023

Vega Family0036Vega Family0361



  1. That is one good looking family! Ouch on the heat! It isn’t even August yet. I have been to Arizona mainly in July and August and September. One year I thought I was going to die when we went to the zoo and no shade anywhere…! Stay in the pool if you can, and throw some ice in it. Take care!

  2. I say schedule your shoots very early in the morning. I think your customers will understand and appreciate being away from the heat.

    If I had a nice camera like yours or Michelle’s I would join you, but my point and shoot digital is not up to the task.

    Good learning experience for Michelle, thaks for taking her with you.

  3. That’s a beautiful family. Now if we added our temps to your temps and cut them in half, we’d both have great summer weather. It was 48 degrees the other night.

  4. Those are great pics.. Too darn hot though lady.. be careful! our high tomorrow is going to be……………………..63! lmao! but then we are back in the high 70’s… miss you!

  5. Wow great pics Betty and I’m sure it is roasting out there, we are hot too, but only about 100. I’m going to just start signing anonymously so if you see “sandy” you know it’s me… for some reason I can’t get the site to retain my info and I don’t want to have to keep filling it in.

  6. 115? whew, thankfully we didnt get that hot. We have had a cool spell the last few days, highs in the 90s.

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