Posted by: Betty | July 5, 2009

The Fifth of July

Disk8-9 In Torrance CA circa summer of 64 or 65


July 4th 1978 Our children were watching with Wonder

I remember the Fourth of July as one of my favorite holidays as a kid. For most of my childhood, Yanky Doodle Dandy with James Cagney played all day; The weather wasn’t too hot in Torrance so we played all day waiting for fire works – First the Worms, then the Sparklers then the big stuff. July fifth, Felbar (the street I lived on in Torrance) was littered with Wheel barrels filed with sand and used fireworks. My sisters Kathie, Peggy and I would head out in our flip flops (not allowed to go barefoot) and check out all the used fireworks. That was fun. The night before the wheel barrels were the domain only of our fathers and we had to stay back from the danger.

When we moved to San Pedro the year i turned 10, it was a great disappointment to learn fireworks were illegal. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a city in CA anymore where they are legal – AZ is illegal statewide. My sister lives near Las Vegas, she was very excited about their impending pool party and fireworks after dark yesterday when she called.

I miss fireworks; in AZ too many people gather in 110 degrees at places like Tempe Town lake or Rawhide Western Town (where Paul worked) to watch the shows. I don’t do 110 outside at night in crowds. I miss the big family bbqs we had when my kids were young and then as my kids grew older, they had them too and that was more fun.


July 4th 2001

One last 4th of July Party.. My kids are the parents here. That was a great year.

Yesterday, my kids and I all spent our fourth in different places. Ricky, in CA worked; Rob and Carla were at a Family gathering at her mom’s house, Lyndsey and the girls went to Victor’s company party in CA. Katie and Sabby had a family filled weekend in Lake Tahoe (they’re going to have visitors non stop through all seasons). Paul and I spent a quiet but laughter filled day lounging in Kathie and Rob’s pool, BBQing wonderful food, having a few drinks and later, dozing off in front of a re-run of TV’s next food network star..

It’s different; not what I planned all those years ago when the kids were young; but it was fun.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today



  1. We used to gather for family 4ths also. Then we all moved away. Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, Arizona, California, Illinois…….the list goes on. Fireworks are legal here in the county, not in the city limits. I choose the park to watch other do it. The ground is just so dry, my luck I would be the one to catch brush on fire.

  2. Yeah Betty not having Fireworks in your backyard or whatever is not fun. I’m so glad to be in WI where they are all over and all the neighbors do it. BBQ’s and Fireworks in the high heat like that is never fun, unless u are poolside. Maybe next year you will be here šŸ™‚

  3. My niece’s birthday was yesterday so my sister had a birthday lunch that started at noon. Then we left and came home to our planned BBQ. We had bacon wrapped hot dogs, hamburgers and grilled chicken. I made this salsa that almost as if by magic dissaperared, so I had to make another batch. We swam all afternoon, water was not cool at all, it was warm and at night from our backyard we catched a glimpse of the Litchfield Park, Good Year, and new stadium fireworks. The newspaper said they were cancelled… they lied.

  4. We had a laid back holiday, too. It’s OK though. I worked 8pm friday through 8am Saturday. I cooked burgers and dogs for my ever dwindling family and knit for a bit while watching cycling. Hubby and I went and caught the local fireworks. It was nice for a change. I like laid back holidays much more than the stressful ones.

  5. Ah Betty! I found you šŸ™‚
    I’m glad you had a lovely day.
    I like the new wordpress blog too. It’s nice and cool and fresh.

  6. I must say the children look like they had a good time watching the fireworks display.

  7. Thanks for not mentioning the baked beans……

  8. How fun to see the older photo and looking back. Sometimes quiet holidays are the best… We didn’t do a thing on the 4th and that was good. We are always so busy with the grandkids that sometimes it’s nice to have time alone.

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