Posted by: Betty | June 26, 2009

At our age?

This is Izzy helping to load up the car before heading off from Temecula to Livermore on our trip


Earlier this week, we lost our hot water and needed to call the service company. As with our Air Conditioner warranty, we weren’t covered for time $105.00 to show up at the door. They agreed to come out today, early. Since The water never really gets that cold in the tap here in AZ during the summer, we were o.k. taking quick showers and washing in cold water.. 

Last night after closing time at the Water heater repair company, Paul told me to call them and tell them never mind, that we were leaving town and we’d call them when we came back— an emergency. Fact is, he figured out how to fix it. Against my better judgement, I called and got someone’s voice mail and left just the message Paul told me to.  This morning, while having our coffee in my office, I saw the plumbing company truck pull up in front of the house.

What happened next was kind of silly and against my better judgement (again), I’ll tell the story. I yelled in a loud whisper for Paul to get down, the service company was here!!! They didn’t get the message and we’d be charged $105.00. Paul ran to the window, I closed the other set of blinds and we crawled… YES BELLY crawled to another room where we couldn’t be seen.  I finally MADE Paul go out and tell them something! Before he got to the door. The plumber ended up apologizing to us (irony) for not getting the message and for disturbing us so early.

So, alls well that ends well, but in my wildest imaginings, I cannot imagine my mother crawling out of a room with my father chasing after her to avoid a plumber who they shouldn’t have called in the first place. I always thought once Paul and I were in our 50’s we’d be more grown up… Guess not.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today. Have a great weekend.



  1. This post brings back lots of childhood memories. Our baby is celebrating her 36th birthday tonight when she get home from work. We had 5 and the oldest is 53.

  2. Oh that’s hilarious!

    The other day some ladies were knocking on our door… you know those churchy people. And my mom says… Everyone lay on the couch so you can’t be seen and she goes and hides behind a wall… that was so funny.

  3. Hey I would hide also if I had to pay 105 for just having them come out. Ouch! Glad they apologized though. This was a funny story Betty….we never really grow up do we? Ha……

  4. Ditto with all of the above. Ah, to be young at heart.

  5. Ditto with all of the above. Ah, to be young at heart.
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  6. Oh! This was a great story. I can picture you doing this.

  7. I can’t stop laughing – I can not picture Paul doing that – you, yes. Paul, no.


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