Posted by: Betty | June 24, 2009

A Good Day


Izzy on the beach at North Shore Lake Tahoe

Dear God, 

It’s me, Betty, I believe in you, I believe you love me and you’ve always taken care of me and my family – in your way. I hope it’s true when I say you judge with love at the end of our life; I’ll be honest – I worry about that. I believe you sent your son to die for us. I don’t think it matters how many days it took you to create this beautiful world, thank you though for the beauty of , well all of it. I don’t believe you created 10% of your people, doomed to hell because of sexual orientation, I don’t believe you created billions to be doomed to hell because they are Jewish or Budist or Hindu… I think Jesus died for EVERYONE.  Whether we know it or not. Thank you for that. Thank you for the amazing life I have; 4 kids who really do love me and their dad (or do a good enough job of pretending to satisfy me). For my nieces and nephews who add so much joy to my life and their kids sometimes call me Gran.. I LOVE that. Thank you for Paul, who told me to go home and sleep …. he’d do dinner 🙂   That three of my kids have found true and profound love – Ricky will in his time.  Their children are not only healthy, they are beautiful. Thank you for the laughter I can share with my kids, kids-in-law, nieces and nephews and the good times we can share. 

What an amazing life; Thank you for what I’ve always called good luck; it really was a gift from you.  Yesterday I had -0- miles to empty, put my last $5.00 in my tank, giving me 50 miles to empty; drove back to give that young girl a ride to her work (she was struggling in the awful heat to ride her bike to work), wore myself out trying to help her get her bike in my car, and got lost getting back home enough times to end up with 0 miles to empty again. This morning I had an appointment with a lovely bride to be; closed the deal. I now have a bit in the bank and 43 miles to empty! Aint Life Grand! And pay day is only 2 days away.

I have been struggling to get myself together since getting home; avoiding rooms no longer filled and feeling sorry for myself. Today, I started a conversation with God and remembered how great life is. 

Tomorrow I will be visiting all of my blog friends. Now, I’m going to take a nap.

I hope you’re all doing well.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.






  1. Amen! — Powerful post Betty, no matter how adverse things may seem God always come true. I truly believe that.

    I missed you here in blogland, glad to hear you are back. Oh, and the photo of Izzy is great.

  2. I ditto what Jose just said. Glad you are back and grateful for everything you have. You make me feel grateful too. It rubbed off. You did good!

  3. I third this post I guess! Welcome back Betty you have a lot to catch up on! LOL

  4. Good post Betty. I hope you feel better today. Your life is full of blessings – even though it’s not exactly what you thought you wanted to begin with. Life is not about getting everything you want – it’s about getting even with everyone who got in your way of getting it.

    Love you

  5. Awsome Aunty
    Hey if it’s realy that lonly in the house you can
    sell and move closer to me you know I’m your
    favorite 🙂

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