Posted by: Betty | June 11, 2009

Well, I made it :)


Katie and Sabby just left; It was hard. Sabby, acted silly but she had tears in her eyes. Katie and I cried. Now… They’re on their way to a new and I hope very happy life with Adam. I’ll be there Tuesday of next week hopefully so I’m not saying good bye for a long time. The empty rooms bother me though.  

I survived and the world hasn’t ended. I’m off in a few minutes, headed for California. Tomorrow we head for Northern CA to visit for a while, before heading for Tahoe to help Katie settle in.

I will try and check in on blogs while I’m gone, but since Lyndsey’s computer isn’t working, I may not be able to. 

Hope you all have a wonderfully happy week.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Be strong, be happy, and have a safe trip. You know where to find us when you come back.

  2. So, time to redecorate! Have fun in Tahoe, enjoy Lyndsey and stop at the casino on your way. That will help. Be happy.

  3. I know you will be sad and miss them, but Lake Tahoe sounds like a great place to visit. Have fun!

  4. Good for you. Change is good right? Right! Okay! 😉

  5. I hope you have a great trip.

  6. Have a great trip and enjoy the family! Take TONS of pictures! And tell Katie I wanna visit!!

  7. I’m so sorry! But be careful on your trip!

  8. Have a great trip Betty and so glad you are going to be seeing Sabby at the end of your trip….

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