Posted by: Betty | June 8, 2009

A Weekend of Good Bye

We spent the weekend on the road, Katie and I. And Little Sabby in the very back seat. I had a productive meeting with a lovely engaged couple about their wedding photography early and Katie, Sabby and I hit the road headed for Camp Verde where Aunt Sandi and Uncle Jim live.



From there, we headed to Prescott to see Adam’s mom again. His Aunt Lynne was there and we had a wonderful visit. Adam’s family is filled with wonderful loving people which makes me very happy. We had some evening visitors… I haven’t posted a photo of Adam’s mother as I don’t have her permission to do that.


Sabby playing with buttons and a string.

Today we spent the afternoon at Aunt Kathie and Uncle Robb’s house. I’ll post those pictures tomorrow.



  1. It really does seem that you had a good road trip meeting friends and family. I didn’t hear, “Are we there yet?”

    I did manage to get some peony blooms this year and recorded them on my flower blog.

    Our Flower Pot

    • Abe, I’ll check out your flower blog to see the Peonies then. My daughter and grand daughter who live with me, are leaving and moving about 800 miles away in Lake Tahoe. Our visits have been to family members who live within a couple of hours of our home, so “we aren’t there yet”. Katie leaves in 3 days (thursday). Thanks for visiting my new site.

  2. Good byes can be very hard. Thanks for the update.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. I love that bottom photo of Sabby…just beautiful.

  4. Sounds like you guys travel quite a bit! I love that photo of Sabby – Very cool shot!

  5. Let me know how it all goes. Long drive for sure! I am anxious to see some pictures of this “Adam” fellow!

  6. It sounds like you are keeping yourself very busy. Sabby is so photogenic. What a doll!

  7. You have been busy.

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