Posted by: Betty | June 6, 2009

D Day

DadandFriends War

Dad is on the left.. Thanks Dad.

65 Years ago today young men from my father’s generation captured a beach and began the liberation of a continent. My father was in China during the war. I’m up very early and watching CNN… My generation didn’t give our parents much credit for what they did and endured for our freedom/survival. We sure were a cocky bunch, the baby boomers. I wonder if it’s the fear we grew up with. If the communists didn’t get us, then a nuclear war would. We muddled through though as a generation. I’m not sure what our legacy is yet. I guess time will tell.

I think we were a bit more honest with our kids. … Or were we? I think I was both honest and a little like my dad.   I remember the Cuban crisis. I remember the certainty that we would not survive. I remember the awful fear and wanting to KNOW we’d get to the bomb shelter at Torrance City Hall in time while there was still room for us.. I remember my dad telling us we wouldn’t need to go to a shelter… That we’d just take cover in the hall way.. WHAT?! Was he CRAZY??!!!. At ten I knew a hallway would do nothing NOTHING to protect us; I knew about the fall out. As an adult, I know my dad knew too, he was trying to comfort us as best he could. Denial.. When my oldest came home from school, in the 80’s worried about a nuclear attack, my first response was rage at his teacher, then I did pretty much what my dad did 25 years earlier.. I lied. I told him that President Regan had developed Star Wars, a defense system that would protect us from the Russian Bombs, don’t worry. He SEEMED relieved and went on with his afternoon.

I’ve wondered from time to time, if he knew I was lying that day.

My dad died just as  the overwhelming outpouring of gratitude for their sacrifices was beginning. He didn’t live to see the WWII memorial built. (I don’t think). I’m not sure I thanked him….

Thanks Dad, and thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Nice post today. I remember the fallout shelter signs on our school building, thinking thats not a good place for wait out a nuclear attack. Its full of windows. When I was in the military they told us if you were not in a hardend shelter the proper position to take was to bend over put your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye.

    I have you bookmarked again.

  2. I’ve wondered from time to time, if he knew I was lying that day.

    As I read this I thought about that line in the movie Miracle on 34th Street where the guy says to the jury. “What’s worse a lie that draws a smile or a trught that draws a tear?” Sometimes we have to choose and in many cases we will always lie to a children in order to protect them.

  3. What’s strange is that I somehow didn’t even know about the Cuban missile crisis at the time. We are about the same age and I don’t think it was ever discussed around me and if it was I don’t remember. Enjoyed reading your post.

  4. I remember most of those things. It seemed it made us tougher.. kind of. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a little worried about one thing or another in the news. Still to this day. My Dad was a medic in WWII. He never wanted to talk about it though. Enjoyed your post today

  5. What a great post! Beautiful. I too remember being very scared and maybe I lived a whole life time of fear somewhat because of this. I have since decided it is a very great waste of energy and a life, so I am taking each day for what it is these days and being thankful. You are definitely a blessing in my life. Take care Betty. Love, Sandi

  6. Hi Aunt Betty. I love this picture of Granpa. I think about him a lot. Nana too. This picture sparked a lot of memories. I remember always having to be on my best behavior around them. Although, i remember always being so comfortable around them. Sounds strange. When i think my life is getting rough i can look at pictures like these and realize what Nana and Granpa did to get us here. If you ever get time maybe you can post some pictures of them. I’m always checking in even though i might not respond. Thanks. Love you guys.

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