Posted by: Betty | June 5, 2009

Here I Go, Blog #3


This is my son and his family. I have four kids actually. Rob is my oldest. He’s a good man. I’m very proud I get to say he is my son. His Wife Carla, is a good mom and wife. She’s also my business partner. I’m lucky.

This is my first post to a new blog. I did pretty well on Blogger for a long time. I had to leave blogger due to problems with updating. Doesn’t seem like I’m getting a lot of visitors over on my new typePad blog. I’m here now. Brenda recommended Word Press.

I’ll try this for a while and see how I do.

Any visitors are welcome and I hope you leave your comments. I’m soon to be an empty nester again. I’m focusing on finding new things Paul and I can do together, now that we’re alone again.

Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to read my blog today



  1. This is nice – do you like it this site?

    • Hey, Yeah I like Word Press.. Better than Blogger.. You should start a blog!

  2. Hi, just happened to check my email and saw your link to this new blog! I’ll remember to bookmark it so I can find my way back…

    Kind of in a hurry so I’ll comment later….

    Been pretty busy around here.

  3. Oh good Betty. Glad you are giving wordpress a try. So far I like the way wordpress loads pictures and sizes them. I also like their templates better than blogspots. I know you can do your own templates but I don’t know how to look into that yet. I think it is worth trying new things. It helps our brains..ha.

  4. Great looking family!

    • OH YES.. INCREDIBLE looking family 🙂

  5. Glad to hear you like wordpress, and that you’ve got some experience in all things empty nest. I’ll be checking in for your wisdom from time to time.

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