Posted by: Betty | June 5, 2009

Another new Blog

012IMG_3022I’ve changed my mind yet again, and I’ve made this post public. Type Pad just isn’t doing it for me so I’ve made this site public and am trying to let all my blogging friends know I’m here now.

In one week, I’ll be on my way to Northern CA with Lyndsey and the girls to visit my Northern CA family. Katie and Sabby will be on the way to their new life in Lake Tahoe.

I’m doing so much better with all this now and I’m hopeful for a happy future for Katie and Sabby, even if it’s so far from us in Phoenix.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. What a cute picture. Well, as long as you keep informing me where you are going (blogwise) I’ll keep following. lol

    California again, well I hope you have tons of fun. I am definitely due for a trip to Cali.

  2. Northern California sounds so pretty, and I have heard Lake Tahoe is one of the the nicest places in the country. I hope you post lots of pictures when you go. Just curious how far it is for you to drive there or fly.
    I am still in the learing phase of using wordpress. Lots of things I haven’t figured out yet. You are ahead of me in figuring out the sidebar.

    • Hi Brenda, The Bay Area would be about 10 hours if I didn’t have to go get Lyndsey 🙂 From Lyndsey in So Cal it’s about 8 hours. From my house to Lake Tahoe it’ll be 12 hours. I’m not much of a flyer so I’ll probably drive.

  3. For sure, third time’s a charm.

  4. What an adorable shot of Sabbi!

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