Lyndsey and the girls have been with us since March 27th; the girls are almost out of school (another 7 days); Lyndsey’s found a job and has done very well during her first 10 days working.  I’m so proud of her courage and laughter.  Many new rituals are starting here in Waddell… Feeding the birds; bike rides on the bike trail…  GRAN cooking for three little girls when their mommy is working… and trying not to forget to feed Sophie lunch or to pick up the girls after school….



Our daily ritual of feeding the birds … Paul, followed by Sophie, followed by Izabella followed by Makayla

I’ve been wrapped up lately in the trial of Jodi Arias – For those of you with real lives, she’s the psycho who butchered a young man named Travis Alexander. Her lies about him were almost worse to me than the actual murder.  She was crazy and couldn’t accept that he didn’t want to be with her anymore and after ending his life in a horrible brutal way; tried destroying his good name.  I think that’s why I got so invested in her trial.. The anger I’ve been feeling was unbelievable–I watched her testimony in a rage, continuing only to continue watching the trial because I wanted to see her while she was convicted..  I did happily manage NOT to be one of the “court watchers” who appeared on the Phoenix court house steps every day.  I watch Court TV or listen to books every day while I edit photos and this trial pretty much got away from me :).. I know someone like her and saw her lies right away. I cannot imagine loosing someone in the way he was murdered and then listening every day as his sisters and brothers have; about him being an abuser; a womanizer and then a pedophile.. NONE of which was true – no evidence; just the word of a butcher who’d already lied so much she can’t be believed.

The guilty verdict today blew sunshine and fresh air into my world again; Travis Alexander can finally rest in peace.  The jury didn’t believe her… actually NO ONE seemed to believe her lies.

The Penalty Phase begins tomorrow and I’ll probably keep it on while I edit photos; However for a couple of reasons, I’m opposed to the death penalty so I won’t feel that much invested.  If I was murdered, I wouldn’t want my killer put to death. Not in my name.  I think on several levels I wouldn’t want it.. I don’t believe in the state killing anyone for one and for more practical reasons, I would want my loved ones to be able to move on and not wait 20 years for “justice”.

Better that people like Jodi Arias disappear into the darkness of prison with no interviews allowed; no spotlight shining on her to be  forgotten by everyone who’s ever heard her name and knows who she is.  I think with the death penalty, the family of the victims cannot move on for years and years.. until their loved one’s killer is killed.  She’ll hopefully die in prison someday after her own wasted life runs it’s course.. Just saying.

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Posted by: Betty | March 12, 2013

The Bright side of the Road…..

photo2March is a third over all ready?  Lyndsey came out a week plus ago to help me clear out two bedrooms, move my office out to the dinning room, and paint two bedrooms.. Wonder of wonders we got almost none of that done. I had gotten most of the furniture out of the girls new bedroom and while we started the painting; Lyndsey didn’t feel very good and I learned that yes indeed, I can no longer paint a room, let alone two rooms and the cleaning of closets etc is beyond me too.  Thanks to two very nice painters from across the street and their reasonable price, the girls’ room was painted (finished).  My office is working in the dinning room and two weeks from today we will be bringing our girls out.. Three little ones and one grown up one.  Last week as the painters had moved us out of the girls room, Lyndsey rushed to the bank to deposit a check and get the cash to pay them, I experienced a glimpse of the joy Paul and I have waiting for us, by baking bread with the girls. Not baking bread as my Grand mother did back in Chicago, but using the modern miracle of a bread maker. Izabella, Lyndsey’s middle child,  is the most interested in cooking, and later helped me with getting Pappys and my dinner into the crockpot for that night’s meal.  She was a but put out that they left before dinner was done.  Meanwhile, in the week since they left, I haven’t touched their room or Lyndsey’s new room and the dawning that I am running out of time is coming.. I have much to do on this end before the end of the month.  The girls (all of them) are doing o.k. with the upcoming changes in their lives.  They have their good moments and their scared moments.  I talked to Izabella while Paul and I were down there for our yearly Oscar gathering with Lyndsey and asked if she was excited to move to Gran and Pappys. She replied that yes she was, but a little sad and scared too. I told her we would look on the bright side too.. They could live in AZ with Gran and Pappys, play in the back yard every day and ride their bikes. (it’s been prohibited in their condo complex in CA now).   Last weekend I heard her say that we look on the bright side because we can always find a reason to be happy. I was so pleased that our seven year old Izzy (who forgets her chores while in the middle of doing them) remembered my words and built on them. We made a game of it then last weekend and I told them, we live on the Bright Side of the Road, NOT the Dark side.  I started believing it too.  We even played Van Morrison’s song from the Movie Michael while we baked bread and did dishes.  We decided that on the bright side of the road, is happiness and hope and that’s where we live.  I’ve been surprised over the last several years that while I’m busy trying to impart every morsel of Knowledge, Wisdom, etc to my kids in their struggles,  while I can, that instead, I have learned from them.  Katie’s courage, Lyndsey’s dignity, Izabella’s strength and wisdom, are only a few of the examples I come up with this morning.  Very humbling for this old woman who likes to think she is the imparter of wisdom to find that my children and grandchildren are the ones who teach me.

Again in 2013, I have no idea where this year will lead us or what it will bring.. Lots of changes in our family are certainly on the horizon; pain, of course, but laughter is definitely in our future, so is hope.  and lots of learning for Gran…

Family Treea

Our new and improved Family Tree … March 2013

P.S. I haven’t even mentioned the changes in the lives of my sons !!!

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Cost of paint… $140.00… Cost of supplies..$50.00..  Priceless—- Sitting on the patio sipping soda while two nice men who’d just painted the house across the street, finish up the room we started..  Really…. Priceless!

Posted by: Betty | February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad

Dad 81482


I don’t know if they celebrate birthdays in heaven, or if they do, is it the day you are born? or the day you reach heaven.  Ninety four years ago today, My dad was born. He left us 15 years ago.  I still miss him; but over the years, I’ve learned to be grateful for the time we had, rather than wishing he wasn’t gone.   I can still occasionally hear his “explosive laugh”. When he thought something was funny.

Happy Birthday Dad.  I love you!

Posted by: Betty | February 22, 2013

Lots of changes so far

Flannery 3-765

Paul, Our Grandchildren and me.. October 11, 2012


Flannery 3-912


It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged.  We’ve been busy. Katie’s wedding, despite rain in the morning ( It NEVER rains in October here).  The house was cleaned and not painted. And cleaned by Lyndsey (my youngest daughter). A beautiful time; a happy time.  It’s such a blessing to know that Katie and Sabby are with such a good man.. Love love love the new son-in-law..  We also avoided a butt load of drama that threatened.. dodged that ole histrionic bullet.  🙂

Currently I’m working most slowly to get my office ready for the arrival of three little girls and their mommy.  It’s a long sad story. I’m fighting NOT to be excited for their arrival the end of March as it’s not a happy time for their mommy and there’ll be  many challenges for three little girls. I’m painting the room a pale yellow. It’s a big room so will fit three little girls just fine.. EXCEPT for space and private time for them.  Would kind of like our last home right now.. Lots more bedrooms but while we may be a bit crowded for a while but I grew up in a house more crowded than this will be, and there’s a sense our home while not so peaceful, will be filled with the happy noises of children playing.   oh yeah I know.. fights, arguments etc too.  So far my biggest challenge is going to be finding new homes for the bazillion photographs on the walls of my office.. Storage comes to mind for most of them.

In a way, this week, “hell froze over”.. It snowed in Phoenix this week and even stuck for a while.. Salt River stadium, part of the Spring Training circuit was closed for a couple of days. I’m comparing Phoenix to hell only in reference to our typical summer temperatures.

I’ve been on several blogs I haven’t visited in a while, and good to see that all seems to be going well for my fellow bloggers.  When we get home from our planned trip to CA this weekend and Paul goes back to work, I plan on going through many blogs for more up dates.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog today.. It feels good to be back again.

Posted by: Betty | August 30, 2012

Slow Day


Things are slow this morning. Paul went to work early, dinner is in the crockpot, the house is clean (as clean as it gets) and I’m caught up on all “business” stuff I usually have to do in my office. So I came back to my good friends to catch up.

We’re (I am) still recovering from our trip to Ireland, physically and financially.  We had a great time and I no longer fear flying.. for now.  We’re trying to get the house and yard ready for Katie’s wedding in October. We’re having it in our backyard. … which isn’t quite done.  Katie is very happy with Jerimy (so are we) and so is Sabbs. Their brood of kids are making me a Gran of 11 and I couldn’t be happier.  I have updated all the photos on the wall and my Large sized photo gallery of grand kids in my hallway has grown to cover the entire wall now 🙂  This all in preparation for the wedding. I want to paint, but Paul’s claiming there’s no need.. Hmmmm New house paint doesn’t stay nice for long and we’re here almost 2 years.. So it’s pretty bad.   We’ll see.

Izabella Rose turns 7 today and was quite excited to get her present tonight when I talked to her via (FaceTime) this morning.

Izabella Rose 8-30-2005 at a wopping 7lb9oz


Izabella Rose 7-12

She’s gone from a very precocious 2 year old to a somewhat shy 7 year old in a blink of my eye..

I hope you all are enjoying the last days of summer.



Posted by: Betty | July 12, 2012

Greetings from Ireland!

We’re having a great time in Ireland!  It’s rained nearly every day for a short while at least. I need a jacket 🙂 … After temps in the 100’s for over a month; I’m happy as an Irish clam.. Dublin is beautiful and the people so friendly.

Today we’re off to NewGrange!  Similar to Stonehedge in England.. Paul and Ricky left for Paris this morning… and are now airborne… after sending a text that they lost the camera…. Fortunately it’s not one of the cameras I use and I’ve been downloading pictures every night.. So the loss, hopefully,  is just that of the camera and the Cab Company might even return my call and actually have the camera. We’ll see

Wednesday we were out sight seeing in Dublin.. We were meeting a food tour guide at the Mansion House.. Not realizing it was “city hall” where the Lord Mayor of Dublin resides; I sat a rested on the front steps.. I got to chatting with a very nice man while “lounging on the steps” and told him what a marvelous city Dublin was.. How I was enjoying the weather (cold) and all of it.. He was happy to hear that.. We introduced ourselves and not being from “around here” I didn’t recognize his name..  Finally, with a smile only a great looking Irish man could give, he told me he was the Lord Mayor of Dublin.. I lept to my feet, and found my manners and asked if I could take a picture of him.. He said of course and said he’d run in for his chain.. I yelled for Ricky to come over for a photo…




Posted by: Betty | July 6, 2012

Summer Daze

The Flannery Family — as of 10-11-2012… THIS is a glimpse into what I believe is the beginning of a very happy, loving, and joy filled future for the future Mr. & Mrs. Flannery..  and my Red Head.

Life is a little crazy these days around here.. Paul, Ricky and I are leaving for Ireland Sunday Morning at 8:ish.. Ricky and I have a wedding shoot tomorrow night.. I’m pretty sure that I won’t go to bed tomorrow.. Just as well, I wouldn’t sleep anyway..  It’s easy in November, to agree to a flight across the Atlantic in July.. kind of.. It’s another thing, getting on the plane in July.. I got some help from my doctor this week and also the ok on blood levels to get on a plane.. The flight will be broken up into two stages. From Phoenix to NY from NY to Ireland.. Even though I do NOT do well on take off or landings … I think it’s better not to get on a plane for 11-12 hours in one step.. I think baby steps are best for those with a morbid fear of flying.. Although I’m not sure if Phoenix to NYC is a baby step.  Once I land in Dublin, I plan to stand on the nearest step, spread my arms and yell… “I’M QUEEN OF THE WORLD”.. “I DID IT!!!”

Ireland is and has for many years on my Bucket List. I am very excited to spend days/nights in Pubs and hope the tourist things don’t get in the way of my pub time.. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to drink to enjoy a pub?  I’ve switched to listening to audio books written with Ireland as the back drop to get my “Irish on”.. However, I’m pretty sure that the language used in these books (detective genre) won’t work in polite Irish society..

Otherwise, we’ve been really busy with the photography and enjoying that. We’re also enjoying our newest family members.. The Flannerys.. While the wedding isn’t until 10-11-12, I’m already Gran to this brood (if they know what’s good for them) and enjoying every minute of it.  Katie is beaming. I LOVE Jerimy and I love the kids.. Such good kids; loving and willing to pose for gran when the camera comes out.. I do after all have a lot of catching up to have a good balance of wall photos for ALL my grand kids.. 11 now 🙂  I think.  We’re having the wedding in our backyard.. or should I say (Garden).. That’s what others call it..  Hell it’s a back yard wedding.. Our “once we get home from Ireland” list is getting pretty extensive so I imagine we’ll hit the ground running.. or limping  🙂  I am constantly reminded in my alone time of my “book theory” of mine and how Katie’s life book is entering a new chapter;  and my prayers are that the rest of her book is filled with love, laughter, joy and hope.  I am a happy mom…. AND I agree with my optimism..

Hope all my blog friends are doing well; I’ve missed my time blogging. I spend a lot of time in my office on my computer, but have had so much editing to do; haven’t had much time for anything else.

While the rest of the country is suffering with unbearable heat; it’s been an easier summer (for the most part) here in AZ with another early monsoon season.. Yay us..  May and June was rough and while we’re a long way from reasonable temperatures, the Monsoon season, brings the temps under the soaring 115-118 or higher temps of June.   Looking for wood here to knock on it..

I need to move away from my desk now and get ready for tonight, tomorrow and our trip to Ireland.. Thank GOD for the last minute..

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Posted by: Betty | March 11, 2012

Spring in AZ

Our first bloom of the season.. My favorite - Double Delight

There isn’t much of an autumn in AZ. Our weather goes from HOT to COLD.. Oh not the cold that my friends on the other side of the country face; but cold for me.  Sometime in March, things turn pretty out here. The weather is in the 70’s and the sky is so blue, it can take my breath away. We tried one more time to plant roses at this house; and they’re taking this year. Our patios and walkways are nearly completed (we just need to get them level 🙂 and cemented. Our plum tree is blooming now outside our bedroom window.  Our grass, is slowly coming out of dormancy and turning green again.  Our bare root roses don’t seem to be doing as well as last years roses.. We have a daily ritual, Paul and I, of going out with our coffee and bending down to check for the slightest evidence of new life.. Just one tiny budling .. pleeeeaaassseee..  While sitting out in the yard, we’ve planned on many more rose gardens in the yard.. Of course these conversations are taking place in the 70’s… The maintenance will take place in the 110’s..

I’m following my usual lenten observances — buying and consuming as many Easter PEEPS as possible.. and spending more outside time now before the heat starts.  Katie is happily planning her wedding.. They’re not sure of the exact date… November 2012 or March 2013… not sure of state.. CA or AZ… My back yard or another venue..  and on and on..  BUT they’re planning it  🙂   I’ve asked my wonderful soon to be son in law NOT to break up with my daughter until he does our Misting system and builds us a gazebo.. 🙂  Just kidding.  He did text me recently that MY daughter was the reason Excedrin was developed. 🙂  I’ve learned to be skeptical with happily ever after – but he sure seems perfect to me.

My soon to be new grand kids are coming today for another family bar b que   as Paul has a rare Sunday off..

Peyton Manning may come to Phoenix.. ( PLEASE GOD)

I’ve gone from being pretty busy with photography to not so busy for now.. So I’m learning PhotoShop.. I did finally decide to purchase the full size version before it went off sale. My book is pretty good/and I am learning/ at a very slow pace 😦

Our oldest son, somehow, walked away from a potentially fatal automobile crash–into the side of a motorhome, in the line of duty last month.  The old man who was the originating cause of the crash causing a high speed chase yelled that Jesus was in his back seat before taking off at 100 miles per hour.. My son, I believe, had an angel on his shoulder. As for the driver and passenger of the motor home pulling a trailer who decided to pull out and block the entire road in the middle of everything; were unhurt.. The 80 year old originator of the whole thing was also unhurt.. My son’s injuries were minor and his mental state is good.  Mom (me) has, for the most part put it ALL out of my mind so as NOT to go nuts and we dodged a major bullet.  When he was young and NOT listening to me about opening the door to strangers, and once again in trouble, he advised me he could indeed dodge a bullet if my imaginary bad guy had a gun, I told him he’d finally driven me crazy… Well, I guess he can dodge those “bullets” after all.   And a happy ending ensued.  With other “endings” not so happy in the last few years, I cherish this happy ending more than I might have in the past.

Live is good now; and we’re enjoying an extremely happy chapter of a pretty happy book. I turn 60 in 9 days and that doesn’t sound quite as bad as I always though it would.  Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying “spring” where ever you live.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



Viral film aims to make African rebel leader ‘famous’ | CTV News.


It’s not a short video; but extremely powerful


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